We’re a group of Christians who are passionate about our faith and desire to live it out in every aspect of our lives. We’re not perfect people, but on a journey to being more and more like Christ. We connect with Christians of all denominations and are part of the U.K. Assemblies of God.

The church is full of willing volunteers who lead various ministries and faithfully serve every area of the church.  Guiding them along are the leadership team.  Click on the picture to find out a little more about them.

We are not static, we are a church on the move.  We have a direction and are guided by what we see.  To learn more about our vision and where we are heading then please click on the picture.

We are a church that is underpinned by our values.  Our values determine how we spend our time energy and money.  We have three core values as a church and they are based on the two commands that Jesus said were most important, and on the last instruction that Jesus gave to his disciples.  To find out more about these values in detail then please click on the picture.