A few highlights of what has been going on at BPC during the month of May:

Sunday mornings:

During May, Pastor Mark spoke a three part series calling the church to follow Jesus’ instructions to be Salt and Light to the world. We have to be ‘salty’, in contact with people, and willing and able to communicate the good news. We also had Dr Janko Lakatos with us in the middle of May, who challenged us to evaluate whether our love for God is really demonstrated in how we love each other.

Sunday evenings:

On Sunday evenings we have been holding what we call impact nights. These are special services where we either have a special guest speaker or somebody from our own church. The speaker shares a powerful testimony of what God has done in their personal and inspires the rest of us to believe for the same.

Midweek meetings:

The month ended with a special day trip organised by our Tuesday Venue leaders. People from all generations spent the day together in Southport.

Special events:

One of the highlights from May is that we hosted a missions team from Slovakia. The team consisted of 7 members from Gateway Bible school in Slovakia, as well as two evangelists, Martin Thompson and Milan Presburger. The team went into the schools during the week and did six assemblies in the schools throughout the town. This brought many more children to our Friday night children’s club where the team put on a special program.

On the Thursday evening, our guest evangelists led a special night of training for our church, encouraging people to take steps of faith in speaking to people. Many members of our church subsequently went out onto the streets on the following Saturday to encourage people and pray for them. Friday evening, following the children’s club, the youth had a special meeting where the teens experienced God’s power in a new way. We held special evangelistic services on the Saturday and Sunday night where there were many people touched by the power of God. It was an exciting and fulfilling week for the church.