A few highlights of what has been going on at BPC during the month of March:

Sunday Mornings:

We started the month with a two part series talking about how to be a partner in the vision. We looked at Nehemiah building the walls of Jerusalem and how we all have a part to play in building God’s kingdom. Then, Jason Challinor, spoke on how to move from captivity to purpose.  We have just finished developing the audio section of the website and so this was the first sermon to be uploaded. You can listen to it, and all subsequent sermons, here. The last Sunday of the month saw Pastor Mark begin a new two part series called Finding North: what to do when you lose your orientation.

Sunday Evenings:

On Sunday evenings, Pastor Mark continued his series of teachings on Paul’s first letter to the church in Corinth.  The series is called, Charismatics with Character, reflecting our desire to be a church that is Spirit Filled, but, unlike some of the Corinthians, to also be a church full of Godly character.  However, this wasn’t the only thing we did in the evenings.  On the 5th March we welcomed guest speaker, Yan Hadley, who spoke on being still before God.  We also had a hymn night that evening.  We don’t often use many older hymns in our regular services and so the youth led us in hymn-led worship to honour those that grew up on the classic songs.  On the last Sunday of the month we also took time to celebrate the mothers in our meeting and had a special section from the BPC choir.

Mid Week Meetings:

The prayer meetings and home groups continued on the Tuesdays as normal during March.  The first Monday of the month was, as usual the Ladies Lighthouse.  The guest speaker was Linda Reeves.  Tuesday Venue met each Tuesday afternoon with special guest speakers.  The children and youth continued their meetings on a Friday night.  The youth had two special meetings.  One called Ignite, where youth groups from around the area come to join us for a special night of worships, fun and a relevant message.  Then, on the last Friday of the month, they all went to a special event in the city, Fierce, where youth from all over the city join up, and can bring their non Christian friends, to hear a great artist and receive a creatively delivered Christian message.

Special Events:

Each month during the season we have been having a family fun night.  Most of the church comes together to worship, eat and have fun. You can see some of the pictures from that event here.

We also had our AGM during March, called Partners in the Vision, where we were able to share the vision for the church and welcome new members.