There is a lot going on at BPC. They are not random things, but are guided by our vision and values. We aim to connect people with God, connect with each other and connect with our community. If you are new to our church, you may like to try out our main worship service at 10:30am every Sunday. We have a modern worship style and a relevant message and so please feel free to come as you are.

Connect With God

One of our core values is constantly seeking.  We aim to be people that connect with God and develop a better understanding of who He is and His will for our lives.  We have several meetings each week where we expect to grow in our knowledge of God and experience his presence.  They are our main worship meetings, our Bible Study and our Intercessory prayer meeting.  Please click on the picture to find our details of times and locations.

Connect With Church.

Church isn’t a building, it’s a collection of people.  Learning to mutually honour one another is an important part of life at BPC.  We have a number of activities aimed at connecting people. We have small groups as well groups related to a certain demographic such as youth, children’s and seniors.

Connect With Community.

Blessing our Community is a large part of BPC. As of this we have a number of activities to connect with the community and bless them in anyway we can. We have a choir to provide joy to the local area, as well has doing some street evangalism to spread the message we have outside our church walls.