When Mark and I lived in Slovakia we bought a house in a village, and the house had a cesspit. After we’d been there a few months, we started to have problems with the bath not draining properly, which later progressed to the toliet not flushing very well, which later progressed to the kitchen sink not draining well. Now when these problems started, we bought all sorts of products to pour down the bathroom drain and so on, and although they seemed to alleviate the problem, it was only ever short-lived.

It came to the point that when we flushed the toilet, the dirty toilet water would flow up into the bath, and up into the kitchen sink. We had already tried plunging the toilet, all the various products and nothing was moving. Our house drainage system was well and truly constipated! And I can tell you now, it was NOT a pleasant place to be. We couldn’t go to the toilet, have a shower, or even wash clothes, because nothing would drain. This was when we decided to open up the cesspit and see if we could establish where the blockage was, as the waste pipe came out of the house underground and ran all the way to the cesspit, and so there was no place to access it. As Mark got his torch and peered up the end of the waste pipe, he could see nothing, so the problem wasn’t at that end but much further up. As I flushed the toilet and Mark peered into the stinky cesspit waiting for the water to arrive, we realised the blockage was quite substantial as absolutely NO WATER arrived at the cesspit.

Having no way to get access to the wastepipe further up, we wondered how on earth we were going to sort this problem out. To cut a long story short, we had to get a professional company to come out with a highly powered water jet to literally BLAST that waste out, and there was LOADS of waste that came out. It took them literally about 15 minutes and cost 200 pounds, but everything was completely cleared out, and worked perfectly. My house was fresh and clean once again and everything was able to function how it was meant to.

Why am I telling you this? I believe that this is a picture of what can happen to us, as Christians, when we don’t deal with the constant barrage of rubbish that comes to us from all different directions – that piece of gossip that we listen to, that wrong thought we allow to make its home in our hearts, that porn site we click on, that lie we tell, that pirated film we watch, and so on. All these things are like waste that builds up, and piles up within our spirit. If we don’t clear it out, if we don’t repent, if we don’t bring it before God, before long we are unable to draw from the living water of God. God is still pouring it out, but just like my drains, we are unable to receive it, and instead what pours out of us, is the rubbish we have stored up within – criticism, negativity, fear, anxiety, jealousy, selfish ambition, quarreling etc. And it STINKS! And at this point there is only one way to become clean again and that’s with a powerful blasting!

I don’t about you, but there have been several times in my journey with Christ, that I have had to take a blasting in order for God to clean me out of all the things I’d allowed to build up in me that were not honouring to Him. Those circumstances that arise that just force us back on our knees before God, crying out for His help. They seem unpleasant at the time, but God uses them to blast out the blockage in our relationship with Him. These times in my life have always been followed by a fresh commitment to God, a renewed love and passion for Him. But if we remove these things ourselves on a regular basis, God doesn’t have to come and blast them out.

In bible times, wells were of great importance, so much so that when enemies came against a land, they would stop up the wells. Our enemy seeks to do the same thing to us. In Genesis 26:18, we read of Isaac reopening the wells that had been dug in the time of his father Abraham, why? Because after Abraham had died, the enemy, the Philistines, had come and stopped up the wells.

As children of God we are like those wells, full of living water, and there to bring that living water to others. However, if we allow ourselves to be stopped up, we will be of no use to anyone.

God is calling us to bring His life-giving water to this world, so it’s time to remove the blockage!

Liz Holdcroft