The month of June took off with a special emphasis on women, as a number of our women went off to Life Church’s women’s conference, ‘Cherish’ to be inspired and blessed.

As in May, church life has continued to be focussed on Evangelism. On Sunday mornings, Pastor Mark brought some challenging but excellent messages about reaching out to those we wouldn’t typically choose to, with the sermon series ‘Into Samaria’. Towards the end of the month, he started a sermon series called, ‘Who am I?’, based on 7 of Jesus’ ‘I am’ statements in John. After all, if we are going to tell people about Jesus, we had first better know who our Jesus really is.

The Sunday evening Impact meetings continued with the exception of two Sundays when we had two of our missionaries come and inspire and challenge us with the amazing work they are doing in Ghana and Jamaica. At the beginning of the month, Pastor Liz shared a very honest testimony about the challenges she had faced over recent years and how God had turned those challenges into opportunities for His glory and for her good. Alan Rigby also shared his life story of how God took a troublesome boy and turned his life around.

Once again, during the month, we went out onto the streets of Biddulph to speak to people, pray with them and invite them to our services. As before, people were really open to talk.

Last, but not least, June was a significant month for us as we made a very important announcement. No longer is our church called ‘Biddulph Pentecostal Church’, but ‘Life Stream Church’. The change of our name is an important step for us as it brings the name in line with the vision of the church to be a stream of God’s living water to those both inside and outside of our church’s walls.

It’s been a good and significant month. Thank you Jesus!